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Maximize the performance of your audio system by adding acoustic panels.

Acoustic panels in Ottawa

You are looking for an acoustic panel retailer in Ottawa? Aura Design sells and installs absorber and diffuser acoustic panels that optimize the sound quality of home theater and audio systems. We also install acoustic panels in professional environments (recording studios, concert halls, theaters, etc.), institutional environments (auditoriums, classrooms, etc.) and companies (conference rooms).

Aura Design

Acoustic panels in a professional environment

Every environment is different. Materials such as concrete, glass and brick can create acoustic resonances and reverberations that spoil the sound quality. Vicoustic, a manufacturer of acoustic panels, has created high-quality products that maximize the acoustic performance of rooms in which sound quality must be optimal (conference rooms, concert halls, theaters, music academies, auditoriums, recording studios, etc.). Our experts will show you acoustic panels adapted to the configuration of your room, and install them properly.

Acoustic panels for home theater

A home theater should be covered with acoustic panels, which greatly improve the quality of sound diffusion. Acoustic treatment is the act of stopping the sound bouncing off the various surfaces of the room. What a diffuser does is jumbles up these reflections so they don’t reflect back into the room.

With the right combination of both absorption and diffusion, you can transform the acoustics of virtually any room…into something capable of a world-class recording. Two types of acoustic panels are available for different functions:

  • Diffuser panels: to allow a few reflections to remain, and to scatter them with diffusers in a room with hard and matt surfaces that can ruin sound quality. Walls and ceilings then distort the frequencies and diffusion of sound waves. The diffuser panels are glued to these surfaces and allow sound waves to be scattered omnidirectionally. And these fabric-covered panels are as elegant and modern as works of art.
  • Absorber panels: if you can control how the sound bounces off the walls, you stand a fair chance of getting a controlled sound – a sound that gives full justice to your audio equipment. Whether your interest is in recording and mixing or simply listening to music and watching movies, you should never let the reflections in a room destroy your musical experience. For excellent sound quality, you must be able to control how it bounces off walls and surfaces. Absorbing reverberations and echoes through absorber panels is essential to do justice to the capabilities of your audio system.

Aura Design

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Contact us at 613-830-6787 for information about the acoustic panels we offer. Aura Design's experienced technicians will offer you their technical assistance and extensive acoustic knowledge to design your home theater, recording studio, conference room or any other professional room.