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Enjoy a breathtaking sound experience with ELAC technology!

Elac speakers in Ottawa

To find Elac speakers in Ottawa, do business with Aura Design. We sell and install these high-end loudspeakers for residential and commercial customers.

Like many designers of high-fidelity loudspeakers, the German company has acquired its know-how in a related field. In the 1930s, the original founders (acoustic engineers) created underwater and aerial sonars! Nowadays, at the cutting edge of technology, Elac loudspeakers are known all over the world for their exceptional acoustic qualities.

Aura Design

The new Air-X 409 Elac speaker

In 2019, the Air-X line offers a wireless version of the 400 series. A transmitter allows you to control several speakers in 1, 2 or even 3 independent zones. Like the FS 409, the AIR-X 409 offers high performance while being delivered in a stylish wireless package.

The bass-reflex (3½-way) design renders a complex and rich sonic spectrum. The Crystal Membrane mid-range drive unit and the JET 5 tweeter present an open sound which incorporates the acoustic characteristics of the surrounding space where the loudspeaker is located. Formidable bass is reproduced by a pair of 180 mm woofers, which perfectly recreate all the tones of the most challenging musical material, even in the largest rooms.

Elac speakers for home theater

Experience your movies and their sound effects like never before! Imagine the sound of epic movies coming out of the best speakers on the market. And enjoy a total immersive home theater experience, with 5.1-channel, 360-degree sound. 5 satellite speakers will be located throughout the room (2 at the front, 1 in the middle and 2 in surround-sound) and replicate voices and instruments with full-frequency depth and realism. Imagine the feeling of bass literally penetrating through your body. With a powerful subwoofer that shakes the whole room, the sensations will be more intense and real than ever!

Your Elac speakers can be fitted on flat or wall mounts. The subwoofer can be installed on one side of the television or behind it. The center speaker should be placed underneath the TV monitor. Our technicians will install it all for you and do the necessary tests to ensure the optimal operation of your home theater system.

Aura Design

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