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Samsung's 8K TV contains more than 33 million pixels, providing stunning images of incredible intensity!

4K TV and 8K TV in Ottawa

You are looking for a 4K TV or 8K TV retailer in Ottawa? Aura Design offers you a wide range of high-tech televisions to meet your expectations. We carry in store the most famous brands of 4K TV and the latest generation 8K TV. Drop by and enjoy the exceptional picture quality of our splendid 4K and 8K TVs, in stunning colours and details!

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Aura Design has all the best models and brands of 4K TVs: Panasonic, Samsung and Sony. The term 4K is an image format that has a resolution equal to or greater than 4,096 pixels wide (a total of 8.8 megapixels). The image has 4 times more pixels (and 4 times sharper) than a 1,080-pixel television.

Ultra high definition (Ultra HD) is also referred to when it comes to displays that offer a resolution equal to or higher than 3,840 x 2,160 pixels. In 2012, the term was intended to replace the 4K term, but Sony decided to keep the 4K Ultra HD name, and other manufacturers have also used this designation.

Quad HD is a term that refers to a screen resolution higher than 1,080 pixels, but lower than 4K. It is called Quad HD because the screen offers 4 times the 720p resolution.

The term HDR stands for High Dynamic Range, which means that a television can display better contrasts and offer more intense realism in light or dark colours. Some 4K televisions offer HDR technology, but they are more expensive


The 8K TV offers an image resolution of 7,680 x 4,320 pixels, 4 times more pixels and accuracy than the 4K TV. On screens larger than 65 inches, the lack of sharpness of the 4K image becomes noticeable. With the 8K TV, the display quality on large screens is as high as on a 4K.

With more than 33 million pixels, Samsung's 8K QLED TV offers stunning and truer-than-life images. Experience a total immersion in the most beautiful landscapes and feel IN THE ACTION thanks to the new ultra-powerful Quantum Processor 8K, which uses Artificial Intelligence to transform all images into 8K, even those in low definition. The processor optimizes color and brightness, sharpens contours and landscapes with a palpable sense of depth.

And with Samsung's Quantum Dot technology, you benefit from more than a billion shades of color, intense contrasts and sharply detailed images. Quantum Dots are nanoparticles that change brightness into colour tones. These nanoparticles are like diamonds: they don't wear out and therefore maintain a constant color quality.

Aura Design installs and calibrates your new 8K TV, so you can enjoy the best of Samsung technology.

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Contact us at 613-830-6787 for more information about the 4K and 8K TVs we offer in Ottawa. You can also come and admire the exceptional image quality of 4K TVs and 8K TVs directly in store. We will gladly answer all your questions. Aura Design sells and installs these high-tech televisions, along with the installation of complete home theater sound systems.