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Foster Unrivaled Audio Performance

Paradigm's luxurious products bring the world of music and home cinema to life through a unique blend of science, design and technology.

Foster Unrivaled Audio Performance

Paradigm's luxurious products bring the world of music and home cinema to life through a unique blend of science, design and technology.

Foster Unrivaled Audio Performance

Paradigm's luxurious products bring the world of music and home cinema to life through a unique blend of science, design and technology.

Home Theater / Stereo

Hi-fi and movie enthusiasts in Greater Ottawa flock to Paradigm speakers for their wide range of products and exceptional quality. Enjoy unparalleled performance from their diverse lines of hi-fi speakers and subwoofers that offer unique solutions for any environment.
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A Superior Sound Experience Awaits

Research into the science of sound is the foundation behind Paradigm's loudspeaker lines, from their mass-market models to their flagship varieties.

All Series

  • Enjoy unmatched levels of realism when watching a movie or listening to your favorite recordings with Paradigm's luxury loudspeakers. The flagship line features the company's most advanced technologies, including 99% pure beryllium, along with stellar design and craftsmanship to deliver bold, beautiful sound every time. Our company is the exclusive Persona reseller in Utah, and we'll work with you to help you decide which of the seven Persona models are the ideal fit for your home audio setup.
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  • Take the first step to truly hi-fi sound with the Premier series featuring affordable high-performance speakers. Home-grown models manufactured entirely at their North American facility feature perforated phase-aligning tweeters and midrange drivers that deliver a smooth output without sound coloring. Experience superior sound for your stereo setup or home cinema with loudspeakers, bookshelf speakers and center-channel models. Speakers are available in Gloss Black, Gloss White, Expresso Grain and Satin Black finishes.
  • Monitor SE combines scientific research, cutting-edge materials and innovative technology to produce the ultimate audio realism. An aluminum dome tweeter with Paradigm's patented Perforated Phase-Aligning lens filters out-of-phase frequencies to eliminate sound coloring. Keep your décor in vogue with their European finishes available in high-gloss white or matte black finishes. Explore their five models featuring floor standing speakers, bookshelf speakers and a center channel speaker.
  • No matter the size of your space, you can still enjoy cinema-quality sound with Paradigm. Unleash the power of your favorite records or movie soundtracks with tiny satellites and small subwoofers. Perfect for multi-purpose media room environments, the Cinema line offers standalone speakers as well as a packaged home theater system, known as the Cinema 100 CT. Outfitted with pure aluminum domes, polypropylene cones and high-temperature coils, the Cinema line packs high-octane power and fantastic performance.
  • The Millenia series brings you the flagship Paradigm Reference technology in a sleek design that complements any media room environment. These black chrome speakers and soundbars perfectly frame your television while providing powerful, immersive sound. The versatile MilleniaSub can be mounted on the wall, placed by the couch or by front speakers or even sit underneath the sofa! Millenia speakers include high-frequency drive units, high-power bass and midrange drivers and pure-aluminum domes.

Featured Series: Persona

  • Persona 3 F

  • Persona 5 F

  • Persona 7 F

  • Persona 9 H

  • Persona B

  • Persona C

  • Persona Sub

    Custom Install

    Experience the best audio quality, whether watching movies or hosting friends with custom home audio system installations that blend seamlessly with any unique interior style in Greater Ottawa. Eliminate clutter and signal the ultimate luxury environment with in-ceiling and in-wall speakers and subwoofers. Architectural solutions bring the power of Paradigm audio to the most discerning décors.

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    Redefine Your Approach to Home Audio

    The days of limiting audiophile sound to bulky loudspeakers are in the past. High-end audio can look just the way you want.

    Featured Series: CI Elite

    • CI Elite E3-LCR

    • CI Elite E5-LCR

    • CI Elite E7-LCR

    • CI Elite E65-R

    • CI Elite E80-A

    • CI Elite E80-IW

    • CI Elite E80-R

      All Series

      • A solution that blends style and sound performance, the CI Elite series features premium architectural speakers with some of Paradigm's most innovative technology. The in-wall and in-ceiling speakers feature pure-aluminum tweeters and cone woofers and Active Ridge Technology for a durable and consistent sound. Bezel-free micro-perf grilles blend seamlessly with surrounding walls, while a sealed-box design keeps sound from leaking into adjacent rooms.
      • Relish in sound that emerges majestically from the walls and ceilings with the CI Pro line of speakers. Fill the room with detailed midrange performance and extended bass, all from discrete models featuring Paradigm's cutting-edge technology and design. With a small mounting depth requirement, these speakers are optimal for tight spaces. The white finishes and ultra-small grilles make them the perfect match for modern or minimalist designs.
      • Revamp your media room or home theater with CI Home speakers known for stellar sound quality, seamless installation and a streamlined aesthetic. This line of in-wall and in-ceiling speakers offers a luxury audio solution at an affordable price. Hear your favorite music in unprecedented quality with Paradigm's trademark tweeter, driver and cabinet technology. Bezel-free grilles help speakers blend with your décor for sound that is heard but not seen.
      • Signature architectural speakers come with thinner, sleeker bezels for the ultimate sonic transparency as models practically disappear into walls and ceilings. You don't have to sacrifice power for style with a three-split voice coil motor structure which improves low frequency, reduces distortion and allows for two-times the power of traditional architectural speakers. The ultra-rigid chassis limits resonance and keeps sound from pouring into adjacent rooms.
      • Pack powerful bass into any room with Paradigm's PCS in-wall and in-ceiling amplifiers available in white, paintable finishes to match any interior décor. Their glass-reinforced polymer chassis and full-perimeter brackets create a rigid design that allows ample power with little vibration. High-excursion drivers move more air efficiently for higher quality in lower frequencies. Add the X-Series amplifier and room correction technology for audiophile-quality sound at an affordable price.
      • The brawn behind the bass, the X-Series amplifiers power all Paradigm's custom in-wall and in-ceiling subwoofers. The line includes two distinct models: The X-850 and the X-300. The X-850 has 2,500 watts of dynamic peak power, while the X-300 peaks at 900 watts. Infused with patented EQ technology, they can be configured for almost any application. Due to their beautiful, sleek enclosure, it's easy to integrate into any existing rack or media furniture.
      • Enjoy all the bass without all the clutter with RVC in-wall subwoofers. Via dual 14" drivers and a Vibration Canceling Design Architecture, these subwoofers bring earth-shattering output and unprecedented clarity without tearing your wall to shreds. Eliminate the dreaded wall vibrations associated with conventional in-wall subwoofers with two woofers that fire in opposite directions to cancel out any vibrations related to its deep bass output.


      Make the room shake with resounding bass while watching movies or listening to your favorite recordings with a wide range of subwoofer solutions from Paradigm. Through bold aesthetics, innovative materials and advanced designs, Paradigm reaches peak audio realism.
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      Distortion-Free Bass Every Time

      Enjoy best-in-class performance, whether you're recreating a cinema or music hall in the comforts of home. Find out why Paradigm subwoofers have gained worldwide recognition among even the most discerning audiophiles.

      All Series

      • For the perfect blend of style and function, the Signature Sub 2 goes lower and louder than any other subwoofer in the world while being housed in a cabinet that resembles luxury furniture. The reigning three-year Absolute Sound Editor's Choice award winner includes high-excursion drivers, vibration-canceling design and an Ultra-Class D power amplifier. Hear crystal-clear sound as low as 7Hz with a peak of 4,500 watts for bass output that you have to hear to believe.
      • Signature SUB 2

      • Persona SUB

      • Prestige 2000SW

      • Defiance X15

      • Seismic 110

      • MilleniaSub

      • Cinema Sub

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