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How Does Voice Control Complement Your Home Automation System?

Woman and child sit on a sofa looking at a tablet while man works at a laptop in the background.

Discover How A Voice Assistant Adds Simplicity And Ease To Your Existing Smart Home Technology

The concept of voice control has been around for quite some time now, with one of the earliest modern advancements being "Siri," known and loved by iPhone users everywhere. We've come a long way since asking map apps for directions, and today voice-activated technology can do so much more, including operating your entire Ottawa, Ontario, smart home setup.

At Aura Design, we focus heavily on the design aspect of home automation, ensuring each of our clients gets what they specifically need from their systems while making their lifestyles simple and exciting. Keep reading to explore how voice automation enhances automated home living!

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Experience Whole-Home Automation with Control4

Experience Whole-Home Automation with Control4

Control4 Simplifies Your In-Home Technology While Adding Style & Class

As home automation evolves regarding available technologies and what intelligent homes are capable of, it's essential to understand the benefits from integrations like Control4. Whole home automation is possible for your Ottawa, Ontario residence, and Aura Design can help you achieve it. 

We use Control4 to take the hassle away from home automation by implementing its user-friendly, robust controls to move your home away from the chaos of an abundance of technology and toward comfort and luxury. Keep reading if you are interested in the benefits of automating your entire home via Control4!

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Make Operations More Efficient with Commercial Automation

A woman pressing a touch screen depicting AV controls for a meeting room.

Let a Commercial Automation Company Help You Streamline Operations

As Miles Davis said, “Time isn’t the main thing. It’s the only thing.” For business owners and operators, that statement is especially true. Their to-do lists overflow, with many everyday tasks falling on their shoulders. According to a study by The Alternative Board, over 68% of an entrepreneur’s time is spent tackling day-to-day tasks, while just under 32% is spent on their business goals and planning.

One system that can help you streamline operations and give you a competitive edge is automation. An automation system helps create greater efficiency, offering one-touch or automated control of your audio-video technology, environment, and surveillance. 

As a commercial automation company serving Ottawa, Ontario, Aura Design partners with Control4, a world leader in automated technology. Let’s explore a few of the benefits they bring to the table. 

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Design the Home Theater of Your Dreams!

Home theater with luxury red seating and star ceiling

Collaborate With a Professional Home Theater Company for the Best Experience

Have you always dreamed about having an authentic and luxurious home theater? When you partner with the team from Aura Design, anything is possible. So let us help you bring your movie dreams to life.

Designing the home theater you've always wanted is a genuinely collaborative effort. With your thoughts and imagination and our connections and expertise, we can work together to create magical movie experiences in your Ottawa, Ontario, home. We want you to be involved in every aspect of the project because we strive for high satisfaction with your new entertainment space. 

Continue reading below to learn more about the process of working with a professional home theater company to design and install the ultimate viewing space for you, your family, and your friends!

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