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For a residential or commercial alarm system that activates automatically, contact our specialists.

Alarm system in Ottawa

Looking for an alarm system in Ottawa? Aura Design sells and installs highly efficient security systems (theft, fire, carbon monoxide, water damage, etc.) for your home, business or company. We can offer you various systems, customized to your security needs.

Alarm systems with security cameras and detectors are generally offered without being fully automated, causing inconvenience to owners and wasting their valuable time! Forgetting to activate the security system when leaving home or business is enough to put the area at risk immediately. Home automation makes it possible to overcome this problem through a smart security system, programmable in advance according to your instructions and needs.

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Residential alarm system

Home automation allows you to control your entire home security system, even remotely from your cell phone. Everything is done automatically, without having to activate or deactivate the alarm system on a daily basis. Your security system is fully automated. In addition, simple controls allow you to change your preferences.

The alarm system is activated in the event of a burglary, fire, gas leak or water damage. You are then immediately contacted by text message and the police services receive an alert. If you are away for a long period of time, you can control your system remotely and have access to what is happening in your home on your cell phone, via security cameras.

Commercial and professional alarm system

A business must have an extremely effective security system to protect all the goods in its premises. Being protected against theft is an absolute priority. A fully automated system with centralized controls is possible thanks to home automation. This highly secure solution leaves no room for chance.

As the owner, you will not have to worry that an employee forgets to activate the alarm system before leaving the premises. Everything will be done automatically, as soon as the door closes and is locked.

Aura Design offers various protection services for businesses and office or institutional buildings: alarm systems, security cameras (video viewing on cell phones in real time), motion and damage detectors, smart locking systems, employee movement control systems (keyless entry), etc.

How much does a security system cost?

Depending on the size of your home (or business) and the number of security devices to be installed (alarm system, cameras, motion detectors, etc.), the price may vary. For a business, the total area to be protected and the sophistication of the system will determine the cost of installation. We can study your needs in detail and propose the necessary components to ensure effective protection.

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You would like to make your home, business or institutional building very secure and smart thanks to home automation? Contact us at 613-830-6787 for information about the high-tech alarm and security systems we sell and install in Ottawa. Or visit us directly in store. We can evaluate and propose a system customized to your needs.