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A quality audio video system will make all the difference for your customers and staff!

Ottawa Audio, Video and Security Commercial System

Looking for an audio system in Ottawa for your business, professional office (dentists, lawyers, real estate agents, etc.) or waiting room in a clinic, sports centre or other facility? You would like to install large-format high-definition televisions, or a projector and a high-powered audio system to entertain your restaurant or disco customers? Or you want an audio/video network with a high-performance Wi-Fi network for your videoconferences?

Aura Design offers you all this and more! Our state-of-the-art audio and video systems are automated and fully controlled from your cell phone. Not to mention the security cameras and alarm system that operate automatically and securely thanks to home automation!

Shops, restaurants, arenas, schools or other businesses, as well as professional offices or organizations must be equipped with the latest technologies in terms of Wifi, audio- video equipment and security systems. Customers are looking for the best and the competition is fierce!

Aura Design offers turnkey services including consulting, sales and installation of audio systems, televisions, alarm systems, surveillance cameras and motion detectors. All this with pre-programmed or remote control of lights, doors, air conditioning, heating, opening and closing "smart blinds", etc. Whether you choose a single element or a complete centrally controlled system, we will be pleased to meet your specific needs.

Home automation for companies and shops

In companies, home automation makes it possible to maximize the efficiency of communication systems: you can equip yourself with videoconferencing equipment with Wifi for simultaneous projection on several mobile devices, a completely secure network, an audio system with built-in speakers for uniform diffusion in conference rooms, and many other cutting-edge technological features.

Commercial security system

For your corporate or commercial security system, Aura Design offers you the possibility to pre-program everything, by voice command or remotely from your smartphone. Have full control over the opening and closing of doors and lights, security camera monitoring (real-time images), security device activation and deactivation (alarm system, motion and disaster detectors), intelligent lock system (keyless entry) for employee movement, etc. An all-in-one solution that makes your life easier and protects your investment completely.

Aura Design

Contact us or come and see us in store for your commercial system

A visit to Aura Design will allow you to discover the latest technological innovations and compare the different high-end products we offer. Our specialists will be able to answer all your questions and take the time to advise you. We will be able to meet your specific needs with the specific system or device you need! Contact us at 613-830-6787 to tell us about your project.