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Enjoy an unprecedented immersive experience every night with a high-end home theater system!

Home Theater in Ottawa

For a home theater system retailer in Ottawa that offers you the best brands and the latest technologies available, choose Aura Design.

We will gladly take the time to:

  • Describe the features of each home theater system
  • Help you compare brands
  • Have you test the products
  • Offer you the best after-sales service you can find

If desired, one of our professional technicians can carry out the complete installation of your home theater. The devices will be programmed and configured according to your specific needs. The technician will then be able to explain how your new system works. You' ll see, it's very easy to use a home theater system once the installation is complete.

A support service is also available in the days and weeks following the installation of your home theater for any questions about its operation. If necessary, a technician will be sent to make a few programming adjustments.

Aura Design

Home theater and related equipment

Well seated in your living room or family room, you can enjoy unforgettable movie or video game evenings, with stunning image and sound quality! In addition to the latest wide-screen TV technology (4K TV, 8K TV or 3D projector, 4K or 8K) and a top-of-the-line sound system, you will also be able to equip yourself with D-BOX chairs (motion enabled), a popcorn machine and a lighting system adapted to the configuration of your living room.

Thanks to your home theater system, you will live a totally immersive experience, thrills and great emotions. The beautiful colour rendering index (CRI) detail will immerse you in fantastic worlds, while the incredibly accurate surround sound will create an amazing 3D effect. Invite your friends, relax with your family or enjoy your favourite series, films and documentaries alone with the best of what is available in terms of audio and video technology.

Audio-video presentation system for businesses

Businesses need an audio-video presentation system to facilitate meetings, give conferences and convince customers through presentations. These screens or projectors must be chosen according to the specific needs of the business:

  • For conference rooms, a video conferencing system and simultaneous WiFi broadcasting on several mobile devices will allow efficient and fast communication.
  • For restaurants, bars, churches, nightclubs, etc; wide-screen displays and projectors will provide a fascinating experience for customers.
  • For commercial waiting rooms (clinics, pharmacies, garages, showrooms, etc.), high-tech screens will allow customers to wait in a modern and luxurious atmosphere.

We will be able to advise you on the system that best suits your particular needs

Aura Design

Contact us to tell us about your home theatre project

Are you planning to buy a home theater system? Your company or business needs a high-performance audio-video system in Ottawa? Contact Aura Design at 613-830-6787 with all your questions, or come and meet us in store to try out our different systems. We can evaluate your needs and make several proposals that could satisfy you, within your budget. At Aura Design, we look forward to making your home theater project a success from start to finish!