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Smart blinds, shades and curtains open and close automatically, as you wish.

Motorized blinds in Ottawa

For the purchase and installation of automatic blinds in Ottawa, do business with Aura Design. A smart blind is the ideal solution for private homes, businesses (hotels, showrooms, restaurants, etc.), professional offices and institutional buildings (clinics, art galleries, museums, hospitals, retirement homes, etc.). We also offer motorized shades and curtains.

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What is a motorized blind?

A motorized blind (also called a smart blind and automatic blind) is programmed to suit your needs and preferences. The blinds are raised at dawn or any time you choose, and closed at bedtime. Motorized blinds can also be partially opened. Their position can even be adjusted according to the position of the sun or the temperature. It is therefore possible to link the positioning of smart blinds to light sensors.

Automating blinds using home automation means that you no longer waste time and energy closing and reopening the blinds in each of your home, business or office building windows every day. Everything is done automatically and without hassle.

How much does a motorized blind cost?

Several factors affect the cost of our smart blind installation. We primarily consider the number of windows that need covering, the size of these windows and the type of « fabric » chosen when purchasing your new automated blinds and curtains.

We will install your motorized blinds, shades or curtains and program them, providing you with an explanation of the various functions. Our turnkey service also includes after-sales consultation services for any questions you may have or to help you in case of problems.

Motorized blinds in commercial, professional or institutional environments

For professional offices, institutional establishments or businesses, smart blinds save time and money, and make everyday life easier. Automation allow you to better (and more easily) manage the opening and closing of blinds of each window on a daily basis. Blinds automation is a very profitable investment in the long term. It also solves the problem of having to access high and unreachable windows.

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Contact us for more information about motorized blinds

Contact the specialists at Aura Design in Ottawa at 613-830-6787 for more information on smart blinds, shades or curtains. You can also come and meet us in store and tell us about your needs and have a look at our smart blind models.