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With Paradigm's high-power subwoofer amplifiers, you can get exceptional low-frequency effects.

Paradigm speakers in Ottawa

Aura Design is the place to go for a Paradigm speakers in Ottawa! We sell and install these top brand loudspeakers for residential and commercial customers. Paradigm brand speakers are high-tech products that are ideal for music listening and home theatre viewing. The Paradigm speakers' audio performance is unparalleled in power and refinement. And their sleek design gives a classy touch to any environment.

Made in Canada, the Paradigm speakers are the result of years of research. Paradigm's sound engineers use the best available measurements, components and materials, leveraging their patented technology in the service of acoustic performance.

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High and low frequencies

Paradigm brand frequency speakers reproduce high-frequency details and create an ultra-realistic surround sound effect. Paradigm uses a combination of technologies (increased motor components, reinforced isolation loudspeakers, beryllium foil tweeters, oversized computer-optimized magnets) which allow for improved detail perception and high frequency output, without any distortion. As for the midrange and bass drivers, they are designed with solid materials to guarantee a homogenous response.

Paradigm speakers' high-power amplifiers

Powered subwoofer amplifiers provide absolutely remarkable power and low-frequency (infra-bass) effects. In addition, Paradigm speakers are equipped with the world's most advanced room optimization software, Anthem Room Correction (ARC), which optimizes low-frequency performance in any room. This provides perfect and realistic performance when listening to home theater.

Covered by a high-density reinforced box to eliminate resonance and vibration, the amplifiers are equipped with adaptive pulse-width modulation technology, which rapidly smooths power supply variations.

Active Ridge Technology

On speakers sold by competitors, standard driver surrounds are unreliable rubber, glued to the driver and the chassis which could risk a cone-destroying breach. Paradigm speakers' patented Active Ridge Technology (ART) surrounds are overmolded directly onto the driver cones, and made of injection-molded thermoplastic elastomer. This guarantees durability and performance, as well as having the amount of distortion reduced by half.

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Contact the specialists at Aura Design at 613-830-6787 for more information about our Paradigm speakers in Ottawa. We sell and install these high-tech speakers (see our models). You’re invited to come and listen to the sound of the Paradigm speakers directly in store.