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Make your life simple and enjoyable by having a smart home, where all systems are centrally controlled.

Smart Home in Ottawa

Aura Design offers smart home services in Ottawa and travels to surrounding cities to have smart home systems installed. Transform your business, home and professional or institutional building into a smart and connected environment.

Temperature, lights, audio-video system, garage door, entrance gate and security system will be controlled centrally, with simple and even remote controls on your cell phone!

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Home Automation System for businesses and organizations

In businesses and organizations, smart home systems make it possible for communications to be more efficient: connected and smart conference rooms (WiFi simultaneous broadcasting on several mobile devices), secure networks, video conferencing, built-in speakers allowing uniform distribution in the room, etc. Home automation makes it easier to use the equipment while increasing its performance.

Smart Home: for easy management of your residential systems

Smart Home makes its simple and easy to manage energy related to lighting and heating. Once the system is installed and programmed by our technicians, it only takes a few simple settings to secure the premises as soon as you close the door, while the lights and heating will automatically turn off to reduce electricity costs.

On your return home, the heating will be back to the right temperature, the lights will come on again and you will be able to create a welcoming sound atmosphere. The blinds can be opened automatically when you get up and closed again when you go to bed. The water from the taps will only flow when you put your hands underneath.

The smart home system can also include a smoke detector, a motion detector, a glass breakage detector, a sensor for your doors and windows, as well as an emergency siren. It is also possible to link the triggering of an alarm to the activation of external projectors.

It will also be possible to manage most of the functions by voice command or remotely, from your cell phone: closing or opening doors and lights, alarm system settings, temperature control (heating and air conditioning), light and audio system control, security camera visuals, and more. You will be able to remotely activate and deactivate security devices (alarm system, cameras, detectors, etc.).

A smart home system is the perfect way to control your home when you are away for a long time. You can view security camera video on your cell phone, tablet or laptop and get email or text message notifications if a problem is detected.

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You would like to make your home, business or organization smart and connected thanks to home automation? Contact Aura Design specialists in Ottawa at 613-830-6787 for information on our products and services. Or pay us a visit directly in store. We will be able to evaluate your needs and advise you appropriately.