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For speakers from the most prestigious brands and a professional installation, choose Aura Design.

Speaker Retailer in Ottawa

Looking for a loudspeaker retailer in Ottawa? Aura Design sells and installs top rated loudspeakers from a variety of brands for residential, commercial and institutional customers. We only sell products that offer perfect sound quality. These speakers can be used for music listening, or for home theater use.

Aura Design

Speaker for home audio system

For private homes, we offer a turn key installation service of speaker systems, whether for a home theater or for installation in different rooms, with central or independent audio control in each room. These home automation features (centralized system programming) allow audiophiles and high-fidelity enthusiasts to be literally surrounded by music throughout the house. These home stereo systems are capable of providing an excellent home audio listening experience with enough volume to fill up your entire home, and some of them also support Bluetooth streaming.

The installation of invisible speakers (in wall speakers and in ceiling speakers), wireless and without loudspeakers, allows perfect ergonomics and offers a refined and modern look. Now, you may say that any kind of speaker will do the job, but that’s far from the truth. What you need are in-wall speakers. Not only do they deliver great sound and bass, but they also won’t occupy the space in your room. In addition, they will make it a bit more stylish.

Speaker for commercial audio system

In businesses, professional offices or institutional buildings, we install complete loudspeaker systems outside office hours. These high-performance wireless speakers are very easy to install discreetly, and can be conveniently programmed by a cell phone. Ceiling speakers offer a very neat way of installing speakers in commercial buildings, especially those with “drop” ceilings. The sound quality will be noticed by your customers and employees, which will improve their well-being and their willingness to buy. Music plays an integral role in setting the right vibe for your business. The perfect playlist can be what brings customers to your store and keeps them there.

Speaker types and brands, we can offer

The speakers we sell and install are high-tech products with an absolutely remarkable sound. We sell different types of speakers:

  • Architectural
  • Bookshelf Speakers
  • Center Speakers
  • Ceiling Speakers
  • Landscape Speakers
  • Speaker
  • Subwoofer
  • Subwoofers
  • Tower Speakers
  • Wireless Audio
  • Wireless Music Systems
  • Wireless Speakers

We retail the following speaker brands:

Bluetooth speaker or WiFi speaker: which one to choose?

If you like to listen to music, sitting outside on your terrace, in your spa or while camping, Bluetooth is recommended. Your cell phone then becomes the transmitter when the WiFi network is not available. And your Bluetooth wireless speakerphone can also be moved from one room to another in your home. What's more, you'll be surprised by the sound quality: a small Bluetooth speaker has a very long range! You must, however, have all your music on your cell phone, tablet or laptop because there is no access to the Internet or radio.

If you want to have several speakers installed in different rooms of your home, it is possible to do so by connecting them to wireless high-speed Internet. You can control the speakers and the music you want with your cell phone, tablet or laptop. The speakers can also be integrated into your home theater. In addition, you have access to thousands of radio stations.

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Contact us for more information

Contact us at 613-830-6787 for specific information about the speakers we sell and install in Ottawa, whether for your home, business or professional office. You can also come and listen to the sound of our different speakers directly in store. And remember that even if you buy the best speakers available, the quality of installation and adjustment will ensure that the sound is optimal. Hiring Aura Design's professional technicians to install your new speakers is therefore essential!