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Welcome to Aura Design

Aura Design is an Ottawa-based retailer of audio-video equipment and home automation systems, offering you the best in terms of products and installation. We transform homes and businesses into smart and connected environments through the automation of all systems (audio-video control, temperature control, light control, alarm systems, motorized blinds, etc.).

In terms of home theater equipment and audio systems, Aura Design puts quality and cutting edge technology within everyone's reach. We offer the best brands and products as well as a flawless and personalized installation.

For businesses, Aura Design offers video conferencing equipment with simultaneous WiFi broadcast on several mobile devices, amongst other solutions to simplify your work environment. For commercial or professional office waiting rooms, we install high definition screens and automated audio systems. For restaurants, bars, churches etc; we offer giant screens and projectors, as well as high-powered audio systems.

Home Theater

Enjoy an unprecedented immersive experience every night with a high-end home theater system!


For speakers from the most prestigious brands and a professional installation, choose Aura Design.

Totem speakers

Get a stunning surround effect for your home theater experience.

Paradigm speakers

With Paradigm's high-power subwoofer amplifiers, you can get exceptional low-frequency effects.

Elac speakers

Enjoy a breathtaking sound experience with ELAC technology!

Motorized blinds

Smart blinds, shades and curtains open and close automatically, as you wish.

4K TV and 8K TV

Samsung's 8K TV contains more than 33 million pixels, providing stunning images of incredible intensity!


Treat yourself to an HD, 4K or 8K projector for a spectacular cinematic experience!

Acoustic panels

Maximize the performance of your audio system by adding acoustic panels.

Smart Home

Make your life simple and enjoyable by having a smart home, where all systems are centrally controlled.

Alarm system

For a residential or commercial alarm system that activates automatically, contact our specialists.

Security cameras

Equip your home, business or large enterprise with high-tech security cameras.

Choose Aura Design

A visit to our store will allow you to discover the latest technological innovations and compare the different products. We will gladly answer all your questions and provide you with knowledgeable advice. We will find the best product to suit your needs.

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