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Design the Home Theater of Your Dreams!

Home theater with luxury red seating and star ceiling

Collaborate With a Professional Home Theater Company for the Best Experience

Have you always dreamed about having an authentic and luxurious home theater? When you partner with the team from Aura Design, anything is possible. So let us help you bring your movie dreams to life.

Designing the home theater you've always wanted is a genuinely collaborative effort. With your thoughts and imagination and our connections and expertise, we can work together to create magical movie experiences in your Ottawa, Ontario, home. We want you to be involved in every aspect of the project because we strive for high satisfaction with your new entertainment space. 

Continue reading below to learn more about the process of working with a professional home theater company to design and install the ultimate viewing space for you, your family, and your friends!

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You Are In Charge

When we work with homeowners on their home theater design plans, we like to follow their lead. We will provide you with the direction and choices needed, in addition to our experienced recommendations. However, we want to maintain your unique style and respect your budget. 

During a one-on-one consultation, we will capture everything we can about your preferences regarding performance quality, layout, and experiences. Then, we will use this information to present you with a design like no other, unique to your home and taste.

Discuss Other Uses

We will ask you how you plan to use your home theater during our initial conversation. That may seem like a silly question – of course, you're going to watch movies. However, some families enjoy playing video games on the big screen or listening to music with surround sound speakers. Our design recommendations will depend heavily on how you plan to use the space, so be sure to share this information with us. 


Of course, our discussions will focus on prominent aspects of the room, like sound and video, but did you know that lighting is also an essential part of the home theater experience? Lighting can be overlooked in amateur home theater design, but it's vital to the viewing experience. Improper lighting causes glare and decreases screen visibility. The team at Aura Design is experienced in automated lighting design and can automate it to dim, brighten, and more whenever you press the Play button.

Audio Placement

Beyond what brand of speakers and audio equipment you buy, a movie experience can also be impacted by where you place audio equipment. Improper placement can cause echoes or other distracting sounds. Our team will design a layout that provides the best audio experience for every viewer throughout the room.

Magical Moments

The Aura Design team is on a mission to help homeowners create magical moments. If you rely on a professional home theater company like ours, we can provide you with knowledgeable recommendations to elevate your personal cinema experiences.


Please get in touch with us to start discussing the home theater of your dreams. We can’t wait to hear from you.

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