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Embrace Luxury Living with Automatic Shades

A living space featuring automatic shading.

Check Out the Benefits of this Shading Solution

Want to add an extra something to your Ottawa, Ontario home? Motorized shades might seem like an additional solution for your smart home, but in reality - this smart technology can bring your entire property together! And for the best performance and most stylish option, automatic shades are the ultimate choice for your living spaces and their aesthetics. And for window treatments that perform consistently day in and day out, you can rely on Lutron’s Palladiom shading system.

So what makes these shades stand apart from the rest? Keep reading below to learn what makes these window treatments special and how our team at Aura Design can help bring them to your home today.

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Top Features of Palladiom’s Shading System

With Lutron’s Palladiom, you’ll never have to compromise design for functionality. Instead, this top-tier brand prioritises enriching your interior design while delivering a product that provides comfort, convenience, and luxuries to your day-to-day living. This smart solution enhances your daily lifestyle while never intruding on your personal aesthetics.

Palladiom shades are built to endure for years to come! As part of a wire-free shading system, their installation is both effortless and hassle free in both new constructions and existing builds. In every area of your home, you can extend the controlled illumination that these shades provide with one-touch control. Maintain your aesthetics and even give them a boost while making daily life easier for the entire household. No matter the desired effect, Palladiom’s wire-free shading system will meet your standards and surpass your expectations.

Designed to enhance your surroundings and interiors, Palladiom shades can provide a variety of benefits for your living spaces! From smart lighting control, improved insulation, and UV ray protection to increased energy efficiency, these window treatments can elevate your property at just the tap of a button!

Effortlessly Integrated into Your Lifestyle

Making these motorised shades a part of your daily routine is a breeze. Lutron’s Palladiom shading system seamlessly integrates with your overall smart home setup. With the tap of a button, you can manage every aspect of your system and window treatments, having them cater to your specific needs and preferences.

Create a schedule that works best for you and your household. Have your shades rise up in the mornings and lower in the evenings while they adjust throughout the day according to how intense the sun is at any particular moment. You can easily create an inviting home environment that feels comfortable and is always properly lit.

Let Aura Design Help!

There’s no need to approach your shading installation on your own. Eliminate any DIY solutions from your project and team up with Aura Design to experience a professional process from start to finish. We can effortlessly integrate your shades into the rest of your smart home system for an unparalleled smart living experience.


Bring elevated luxury to your living spaces with automatic shades today! Give our team at Aura Design a call or fill out our online contact form to schedule a no-obligation consultation with us. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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