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A Control4 Dealer Delivers High-End Solutions for Your Smart Home Setup

A Control4 touch screen interface in a living space.

Work with Aura Design to Experience Smart Home Living at Its Finest!

If you’ve been dabbling in the smart home automation world for a while, considering your options, then you’ve undoubtedly come across Control4. A leading brand in the industry, Control4 is popular among homeowners and integrators alike for many reasons, one of them being just how easy its systems and solutions make the entire installation process!

And when you work with an experienced Control4 dealer like Aura Design, you can rest assured that your Control4 system will simplify your day-to-day lifestyle with just the tap of a button. Want to learn more about Control4 and how our trusted services can bring its technologies to your Ottawa, Ontario, home today? Keep reading below.

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Why Control4?

One of the best aspects of a centralized Control system is just how easily accessible it is. Control4 specializes in simplifying your smart home technology so that the whole family can make use of its many features. With just the tap of a button on your smart device of choice, you can manage your entire home!

Plus, Control4 offers an endless variety of smart home automation solutions and innovative features, from lighting control, motorized shading, and whole-home audio video to smart security and home networking. It’s all available with a Control4 system - and easily integrated across your property!

The Benefits of a Fully Integrated Smart Home

When your smart home system is fully integrated, you can control every component from the same centralized source - letting you lower the shades, arm the security system, and adjust the smart thermostat all in one go. Control4 makes integrating your solutions easier than you could ever imagine.

Your system is scalable and easily built upon, meaning you can start small with your smart technologies if you’d prefer and then add more, room to room, until your whole property is upgraded with smart solutions.

Why Work with Aura Design?

Aura Design is your trusted Control4 dealer in the Ottawa area. We know Control4 technologies best and how to integrate them properly with zero hassle. If you’re looking for an effortless installation process from pre-planning to final implementation, then look no further.

Our team of experts will provide consistent support and maintenance long after your project is finalized! We’ll provide updates to your system when needed and add to your setup as you please. We make enhancing your smart home seamless for everyone on board.


Want to find out more about working with a Control4 dealer like Aura Design? Give our team a call or fill out our online contact form to schedule a no-obligation consultation with us. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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