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Experience Whole-Home Automation with Control4

Experience Whole-Home Automation with Control4

Control4 Simplifies Your In-Home Technology While Adding Style & Class

As home automation evolves regarding available technologies and what intelligent homes are capable of, it's essential to understand the benefits from integrations like Control4. Whole home automation is possible for your Ottawa, Ontario residence, and Aura Design can help you achieve it. 

We use Control4 to take the hassle away from home automation by implementing its user-friendly, robust controls to move your home away from the chaos of an abundance of technology and toward comfort and luxury. Keep reading if you are interested in the benefits of automating your entire home via Control4!

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Motorized Shades

Though it's not a challenge to adjust your blinds or window shades, a process so simple does take up unnecessary time and might as well be automated. When you combine motorized shades and Control4, you can operate your window treatments from a touchpad or smartphone, waving goodbye forever to manual adjustments. 

Control4 offers efficiency and convenience, allowing users to put their automatic shades or blinds on a schedule. Protect furniture from sun damage, block out UV rays, increase energy efficiency, and maintain privacy without worrying about going room to room to close your blinds ever again.

Whole Home Audio

Whole home audio isn't essential to a happy existence, but it sure does help! You can enjoy music in the background when completing daily chores or throwing parties. Entertaining becomes more accessible, as you now have your favorite playlists available wherever you want them. 

You can also bring your audio outside, playing podcasts while you lounge in the backyard or garden. Whole home audio and Control4 works perfectly for families, as you can stream various audio sources to different rooms to keep all of your family members happy. 

Lighting Control

Control4 makes integrating your smart lighting fixtures easy, giving you complete authority over your home lighting, increasing efficiency, and delivering more straightforward controls. Automated lighting centralizes operations across every room, effectively utilizing dimmers and reducing how much energy you use in the process. 

Control4 lets you vary your lighting in each room in an instant, creating beautiful scenes and establishing perfect settings for anything you plan. Set your lights to turn off when you don't need them and on when you do. You can also tailor your lighting based on factors like daytime, productivity goals, bedtime, and entertaining preferences.

Control4 and Aura Design

At Aura Design, we believe that home automation should be simple for our clients. We use high-quality integrations available from leading brands to make your whole home automation experience as straightforward and comprehensive as possible, putting each technology under the umbrella of advanced controls that boast an easy user interface.


If you're ready to take your home automation above and beyond, call us today at (613) 830-6787 for more information. You can also fill out our contact form, and we'll get back to you as soon as possible!

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