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Transform Your Entertainment with the Compact Terra

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Discover How This Technology Can Transform Your Home Theatre Installation!

Home entertainment is not just about watching movies; it's about creating an immersive cinematic experience right within the comfort of our homes. As we seek to relax and savour precious moments with loved ones, the demand for top-notch audio and video entertainment has propelled the emergence of state-of-the-art home theatre installations in Ottawa, Ontario. Leading this transformation is Kaleidescape, a trailblazer in the home theatre business. 

In this blog, we will dive into Kaleidescape’s compact Terra, an innovative movie server that redefines the way we enjoy films. Keep reading to discover the unique perks of this solution!

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Powerful Storage for Your 4K Movie Collection

Say goodbye to storage constraints and hello to an extensive movie library at home! The compact Terra boasts impressive storage capacities of 6TB, 12TB, or 22TB, allowing you to hold up to 350 4K movies and more than 3000 films in DVD quality. Whether you're a hardcore movie buff or a casual viewer, this level of storage ensures that your favourite titles are always at your fingertips.

Lightning-Fast Downloads and Playback

Nobody likes waiting for movies to download, especially when you're eager to enjoy them. With the compact Terra, that's a thing of the past. This powerful movie server can download a 4K HDR movie in as little as 10 minutes at a fast data transfer rate of up to 800 Mbps. Now, movie night starts in no time, and you won't miss a second of the action.

Multi-Room Entertainment and Seamless Streaming

Sharing the joy of movies with your family and friends has never been easier. The compact Terra distributes up to 5 simultaneous playback streams in 4K HDR when paired up with Kaleidescape’s Strato C players, delivering an exceptional viewing experience across multiple rooms. Its compact size allows for convenient rack mounting side-by-side with the Strato C, ensuring a clutter-free and aesthetically pleasing setup.

Full-Fidelity Movie Experience

When it comes to movie enjoyment, every detail matters. The compact Terra maintains the visual detail and lossless audio of full-fidelity movies on an enterprise-quality hard drive. This results in a captivating cinematic experience that keeps you glued to the screen, with crystal-clear images and immersive sound.

Advanced Technology and Content Protection

Behind the scenes, the compact Terra utilizes caching and computing services to optimize player performance and enable large-scale systems. Kaleidescape's proprietary kOS operating system ensures advanced content protection, meeting the strict requirements of Hollywood motion picture studios for storing their highest-fidelity movies. You can trust that your precious movie collection is in safe hands!

Scalability and System Integration

As your home entertainment needs grow, the compact Terra is ready to expand alongside you. It supports any number of Strato C players and with its capability to serve up to 5 simultaneous 4K Ultra HD playbacks over a standard residential Gigabit Ethernet network, making the possibilities virtually endless. For those seeking even more storage, up to four compact Terras can be combined in a single system.

At Aura Design, we want to make sure your entertainment experience is nothing but the best. Contact us right here to find out more about the cutting-edge technology we can integrate into your home!

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