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Explore Two of the Best Brands in Outdoor Speakers

Sonance outdoor speakers and subwoofer evenly placed around a backyard’s perimeter and seating areas.

Bring This Outdoor Season to Life with Crystal-Clear Music

The warmer days of the year are upon us, and many in Ottawa, Ontario, are gearing up for another beautiful summer. From gatherings with friends and family to pool parties, afternoons relaxing on the patio, and al fresco dining, homeowners want to make the most of our all-too-short summer season.

Are you ready to maximize your outdoor space? One of the best ways to enhance the experience and bring your backyard to life is with upgraded outdoor speakers. These audio systems are far different than their predecessors, bringing breathtaking music and sound to every corner of your property in stunning detail as the artist intended for them to be heard.

At Aura Design, we partner with industry leaders in audio, video, and home automation. These partnerships enable us to create one-of-a-kind outdoor entertainment solutions that align with your specific vision and listening preferences. In outdoor audio, two of those brands are Paradigm and Sonance. 

Let’s explore their unique offerings and how they’re transforming backyards into outdoor retreats.

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Sonance for Any Size Estate

No matter the size of your outdoor area, strategically placed Sonance satellite landscape speakers provide audio coverage with an even blanket of high-fidelity sound. This scalable audio system provides stunning clarity, immersing yards in detailed, balanced music. 

Our audio experts conduct a site survey and discuss how you like to use your outdoor areas. Then, we create a sound system that delivers pristine audio directed toward your home and its various listening spots. Your neighbors appreciate the quiet while you enjoy music that rivals some of our best outdoor entertainment venues with purposefully-directed sound.

We can also integrate the sound system with your outdoor TV, delivering expansive audio for the ultimate movie night or game day experience. Adding a Sonance in-ground subwoofer provides the deep, impactful bass vital for explosive special effects and the low frequencies in the music that can make your heart sing. 

Paradigm for Beautiful Midrange

Another premium brand partner, Paradigm, offers a wide-dispersion design and patent-pending Reduced Edge Diffraction technology that significantly improves midrange frequencies. These speakers are mountable on deck rails, under an eave, in a tree, or on the ground, so they’re incredibly versatile. Our team can install these speakers in areas that provide the best sound coverage from anywhere you entertain!

Like Sonance, Paradigm outdoor speakers can withstand harsh weather conditions with water-tight enclosures that keep interior components safe and protected all year. This brand’s flexible lineup provides the ideal solution for properties of all sizes.

Enhancing a Home’s Design and Diplomacy

Outdoor speakers retain a home's aesthetic, blending seamlessly with your landscape. Satellite speakers placed along the perimeter, under trees, and in foliage can hide in plain sight by camouflaging themselves to look like lighting fixtures or rocks.

Our team can also help you maintain peace within the family by creating audio zones within your sound setup. This means everyone can simultaneously enjoy different audio in different areas of the property. Plus, when integrated with your home automation system, you can effortlessly control indoor and outdoor audio, video, lighting and shading, climate, security, and more from one intuitive control interface.

Are you ready to explore the incredible sound found in outdoor speakers? Learn more about the many options or schedule a complimentary consultation with our team by filling out our contact form here today.

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