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The Benefits of Working with a Home Automation Company

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Embrace Luxury With a Control4 Automation System

Smart homes were created to make home life more manageable. These technology-driven homes give homeowners complete control over their property while streamlining everyday tasks and routines. 

By working with a home automation company, you can transform your Ottawa, Ontario, home into the luxury home of your dreams. At Aura Design, we offer our clients access to premium home automation and control platforms like Control4 that provide unrivaled performance and seamless living. Keep reading below to check out the benefits of incorporating smart home control technology into your lifestyle and how Control4 makes things a breeze!

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Integrated System

With a smart home control system like Control4, all your home technology will be integrated into one easy-to-control operating system. Everything from your security system to your audio/video entertainment is included in one comprehensive system that makes it easy to control the entire home. You can use one dashboard to do everything from opening the automated shades to firing up the sound system.

Updates at a Glance

Control4 makes it easy to manage and adjust your home’s technology settings, but it also makes it quick and straightforward to check the status of your home. With Control4, you can create a dashboard that shows you the status of all your technology. For example, your living room dashboard will show you if the front door is locked, if the shades are open, and if the lights are on. Small icons, such as a lock for locks and light bulbs for lights, will change based on the status of the technology, so you’re always in the know.

Remote Control

Ever forget to turn off the lights or lock the door when you leave home? With a Control4 smart home, you’ll never have to worry about that again. The Control4 app gives you complete control of your home from anywhere in the world from the convenience of your smartphone or tablet. That means you can check on your home and adjust your technology as needed, no matter where you are.

Automation to Your Routine

Perhaps the best part of smart home living is the ability to automate your daily routines. That means all your technology is programmable, and you can manage it all without ever needing to lift a finger. Your lights can come on at a certain time every morning, music can start playing, shades can rise, and whatever you need as you go through your daily lifestyle. With Control4, your home works with you and for you!

Want to turn your property into the smart home of your dreams? Work with your local home automation company, Aura Designs! Contact our team today to learn more about the benefits of home automation.

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