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Experience Aura Design’s State-of-the-Art Smart Home Showroom

Aura Design’s Control4 Certified Showroom demonstrates brilliant lighting and audio-video displays.

Visit a Control4 Certified Showroom for a Hands-On, Immersive Experience

Smart home automation offers incredible convenience and luxurious ease of living. With one touch or a voice command, you can seamlessly manage your entire Ottawa, Ontario, home. Or, let your smart home do it for you through automated controls.

At Aura Design, we partner with Control4, the global leader in smart home automation. From their beautiful, high-resolution touchscreens, in-wall keypads, or remote, you control your lighting, climate, shades, security, entertainment, and more. Your home also automatically creates the perfect environment for the activities that make up your days, from dining to cooking, entertaining, and relaxing. 

A smart home is incredibly awe-inspiring. It’s also difficult to grasp its full functionality in words alone. That’s why we created our interactive smart home showroom in Orleans, Ontario. By experiencing the many possibilities firsthand, you will understand what this technology can do for your home.

Let’s explore what this hands-on experience provides.

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The Control4 Certified Showroom

As the largest Control4 dealer in the Greater Ottawa Region, Aura Design is driven to be the best. And after an extensive vetting process, our showroom is one of the few Control4 Certified Showrooms in North America. 

Here, you’ll experience stunning, hands-on demonstrations of every solution. You’ll see how disparate home technologies work together, creating the ideal environment and making life easier, more enjoyable, comfortable, and secure. For instance, tap the ‘Good Morning’ button, and the shades open, the lights brighten, and beautiful music streams through in-ceiling speakers.

Experiencing the Latest Technology

You’ll also experience one of our clients’ favorite technologies for enhancing their home's beauty and their family members' well-being. Lutron's Ketra full-spectrum lighting brings millions of colors of light into your home, all selected with one touch or voice command. 

When entertaining friends, you can highlight your home’s best features in washes of indigo, azure, and arctic blue. When it’s time for dinner, transform your lighting to the color of candlelight. Better yet, tap the ‘Entertain’ button, and the lighting, climate, music, and shades respond, creating the perfect ambiance.

You’ll also experience Ketra’s ‘Natural Light.’ This lighting matches the light outdoors, bringing the essence of daylight into your home. During the day, brighter lights enhance productivity. In the evening, a warm amber glow signals your body it’s time to relax.

Entertainment at Its Best

Relax and enjoy our immersive home theater experience. Sit back in custom-designed recliners while viewing stunning images in brilliant colors. Revel in the high-fidelity sound that surrounds you. There’s no better way to experience a captivating home cinema that takes you to another world. 

As you stroll through the showroom, you’ll notice the crystal-clear, high-resolution music following you from room to room, coming from nearly invisible in-ceiling speakers. With one tap on a touchscreen, you can select the room you want to hear it in and the playlist or audio source.

At Aura Design, our smart home professionals work with you to create the perfect customized solutions for your unique needs and vision. We're excited to have you visit our showroom and revel in the magic of Control4 home automation! To learn more about smart home living or to schedule a personalized showroom visit, contact Aura Design today.

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