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Explore Two of the Best Brands in Outdoor Speakers

Sonance outdoor speakers and subwoofer evenly placed around a backyard’s perimeter and seating areas.

Bring This Outdoor Season to Life with Crystal-Clear Music

The warmer days of the year are upon us, and many in Ottawa, Ontario, are gearing up for another beautiful summer. From gatherings with friends and family to pool parties, afternoons relaxing on the patio, and al fresco dining, homeowners want to make the most of our all-too-short summer season.

Are you ready to maximize your outdoor space? One of the best ways to enhance the experience and bring your backyard to life is with upgraded outdoor speakers. These audio systems are far different than their predecessors, bringing breathtaking music and sound to every corner of your property in stunning detail as the artist intended for them to be heard.

At Aura Design, we partner with industry leaders in audio, video, and home automation. These partnerships enable us to create one-of-a-kind outdoor entertainment solutions that align with your specific vision and listening preferences. In outdoor audio, two of those brands are Paradigm and Sonance. 

Let’s explore their unique offerings and how they’re transforming backyards into outdoor retreats.

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Experience Aura Design’s State-of-the-Art Smart Home Showroom

Aura Design’s Control4 Certified Showroom demonstrates brilliant lighting and audio-video displays.

Visit a Control4 Certified Showroom for a Hands-On, Immersive Experience

Smart home automation offers incredible convenience and luxurious ease of living. With one touch or a voice command, you can seamlessly manage your entire Ottawa, Ontario, home. Or, let your smart home do it for you through automated controls.

At Aura Design, we partner with Control4, the global leader in smart home automation. From their beautiful, high-resolution touchscreens, in-wall keypads, or remote, you control your lighting, climate, shades, security, entertainment, and more. Your home also automatically creates the perfect environment for the activities that make up your days, from dining to cooking, entertaining, and relaxing. 

A smart home is incredibly awe-inspiring. It’s also difficult to grasp its full functionality in words alone. That’s why we created our interactive smart home showroom in Orleans, Ontario. By experiencing the many possibilities firsthand, you will understand what this technology can do for your home.

Let’s explore what this hands-on experience provides.

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The Benefits of Working with a Home Automation Company

A homeowner checking the status of their home on their phone.

Embrace Luxury With a Control4 Automation System

Smart homes were created to make home life more manageable. These technology-driven homes give homeowners complete control over their property while streamlining everyday tasks and routines. 

By working with a home automation company, you can transform your Ottawa, Ontario, home into the luxury home of your dreams. At Aura Design, we offer our clients access to premium home automation and control platforms like Control4 that provide unrivaled performance and seamless living. Keep reading below to check out the benefits of incorporating smart home control technology into your lifestyle and how Control4 makes things a breeze!

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Must-Have Components for Your High-End Speaker System

Must-Have Components for Your High-End Speaker System


Does your high-end speaker system have all the components for optimal performance? Aura Design can ensure that your Ottawa, Ontario, speakers are ready to take on anything you throw at them, from birthday parties to game nights with family and friends. 

Quality home audio is a wise investment for any Ottawa, Ontario, resident. Aura Design can help you attain home audio with incredible sound, so you'll feel entirely connected to whatever you're listening to or watching in your home media room. Keep reading to discover the beauty and endless possibilities of high-end speakers. 

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